Interview at KGB.

Great questions from Douglas Light at KGB, which also happens to be the location (well, the bar, not the blog) of my first-ever public fiction reading. That was way back in 2006, but I remember it better than yesterday: Peter Carey and Wesley Stace and I, we by god read like houses afire.

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Pacazo in the UK and Commonwealth!

Two Random House imprints have bought English-language rights for the U.K. & Commonwealth: Jonathan Cape for hardcover in early 2012, Vintage for softcover in 2013. Many thanks to my excellent agent Maria Massie, to her British co-agent Caspian Dennis, to Cape senior editor Alex Bowler, and to the whole Dzanc team that whipped the novel into shape in the first place.

June 28, 2011, 10:25 a.m.Categories: Novels, Pacazo

San Diego City Beat

A kind mention of Pacazo at San Diego City Beat as part of Jim Ruland's run down of "Beach books for people who hate beach books."

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Review at Uncanny Valley.

A great close read of Pacazo at Mike Meginnis' Uncanny Valley. Part 2 is up now as well - check out the archives at bottom right.

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