Get It Louder!

I'll be in Beijing for the next ten days to participate in the immensity that is Get It Louder! All participants are legally required to end all statements with exclamation points for the duration of the conference! More information here and here!

September 23, 2010, 10:03 a.m.Categories: Art, China, Fiction Collections, Photography, Translation, Travel

How things end.

The New Orleans Review, like most everything else in New Orleans, got crushed by Katrina, and the editor, Christopher Chambers, slogged manuscripts from city to city to keep the magazine alive until there was a home to return to. I'd been submitting to them fairly regularly for years before that, got some nibbles but no solid bites. Now the trains are all back on the tracks, and I'm proud to say that a story of mine called "How Things End" is out in Volume 32, Number Two, along with fiction by Dylan Landis and Mario Benedetti, poetry by Michelle Glazer and Bruce Bond, and a moving photographic essay by Jennifer Shaw.

Most of "How Things End" was once part of the first book I published, the novella Nothing in the World. As I've mentioned here and there in interviews, that novella was once a novel, and before that it was a short story. The original short story failed because it was too fragmented, incoherent, even for me. The novel failed because only one of the two story lines was really exploring what most interested me. But when I cut out the other line, there were still sections of it that seemed worthy to me, and that had a sense of continuity amongst them since they were already part of a single narrative. It was a great pleasure for me to have found in the ruins something that could work, albeit in a different form. Oddly (or perhaps not), "How Things End" contains (more coherently, now) three of the four main scenes from the old, abandoned story that started everything off.

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