ADT reviewed at The Philadelphia Review of Books.

Great big thanks to Max Marin of The Philadelphia Review of Books for the most thorough and thoughtful review of Any Deadly Thing to date:

“'Any Deadly Thing' is a formidable intro that shows us what the author can do, and does, throughout the collection, rolling out the carpet, distracting us with the figure, and then releasing ghosts from the floorboards beneath."

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Interview at Other People, with Brad Listi.

In addition to being a class act and a great writer, Brad Listi is a total natural as an interviewer. It's a hard thing to be good at, but he's nailed it over and over at his Other People podcast, with guests ranging from Cheryl Strayed and Susan Orlean to Cal Morgan and Roxane Gay to Molly Ringwald and... Yeah, I don't know who to put up there with Molly Ringwald. Point being: huge thanks to Brad for inviting me on the show.

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Interview at HTMLGIANT.

Many thanks to Mike Meginnis for his time and terrific questions, and to HTML Giant for the sweet location. In his intro Mike says that you should skip the ending, where the internet connection starts to disintegrate and we can't hear what the other person is saying, but I think it's the VERY BEST PART. Bonus points to all those who catch me saying "e-book" when I mean "e-reader," and pronouncing "rock" weirdly, and being bad at math.

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ADT reviewed at Coal Hill Review.

Many thanks to Noah Gup for his kind review of Any Deadly Thing at Coal Hill Review: "The vividness of each location is due to Kesey’s beautiful, careful prose. … Kesey’s narration perfects the line between affection and malice, dialing up the dread." So all y'all, any time you need the dread dialed up, you know who to call.

August 7, 2013, 12:53 p.m.Categories: Any Deadly Thing, Review, Short Stories

Interview at The Rumpus.

Many thanks to Pasha Malla for the terrific questions, and to Rebecca Rubenstein and Stephen Elliott for the prime real estate.

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Review at Mid-American Review

Big-time thanks to Jason Marc Harris for the smart review of Any Deadly Thing in the latest issue of Mid-American Review:

"With his engaging narrative voice and well-paced prose, Kesey dramatizes moments of extremity through characters who struggle to reconcile their burden of guilt and the impulse to do something that helps. (...) This pattern of revelation during debasement is part of the glorious nature of Kesey's misfits in misery in Any Deadly Thing. Wrong about so much in their lives, their moments of clarity, companionship, and agency stand out all the brighter amid the dirt and doubt."

And the review aside, it's a bang-up issue, including a story by Mark Brazaitis, poetry by Erin Lyndal Martin, and a translation chapbook of work by Helge Torvund translated by Jeanie Shaterian.

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Review at San Diego City Beat.

Many thanks to Jim Ruland for the good love for Any Deadly Thing out in San Diego.

June 11, 2013, 11:15 a.m.Categories: Any Deadly Thing, Review

Interview at Fictionaut.

Big thanks to Heather Fowler and the rest of the Fictionaut crew for giving me good questions to think about, and a great place to answer them.

May 15, 2013, 9:44 p.m.Categories: Any Deadly Thing, Interviews

Review at jmww.

Many thanks to Michael B. Tager and the editors at Jmww Journal for their go at Any Deadly Thing: "(E)very one of the characters is someone the reader can latch on to. Their choices are terrible, but they make sense. It's not something you would do (you hope), but it's something you can't look away from, like the tastiest, pathos-iest train wreck you've ever seen.”

April 17, 2013, 2:25 p.m.Categories: Any Deadly Thing, Fiction Collections, Litmags, Review

Review at TimeOut Chicago.

Psyched to see the first review of Any Deadly Thing come up roses. Many thanks to Steve Newman and the rest of the crew at TimeOut Chicago.

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