ADT reviewed at The Philadelphia Review of Books.

Great big thanks to Max Marin of The Philadelphia Review of Books for the most thorough and thoughtful review of Any Deadly Thing to date:

“'Any Deadly Thing' is a formidable intro that shows us what the author can do, and does, throughout the collection, rolling out the carpet, distracting us with the figure, and then releasing ghosts from the floorboards beneath."

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ADT reviewed at Coal Hill Review.

Many thanks to Noah Gup for his kind review of Any Deadly Thing at Coal Hill Review: "The vividness of each location is due to Kesey’s beautiful, careful prose. … Kesey’s narration perfects the line between affection and malice, dialing up the dread." So all y'all, any time you need the dread dialed up, you know who to call.

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Interview at The Rumpus.

Many thanks to Pasha Malla for the terrific questions, and to Rebecca Rubenstein and Stephen Elliott for the prime real estate.

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The New Black

Proud to have a story in The New Black, an anthology of neo-noir coming out early next year, published by Dark House Press, an imprint of Curbside Splendor. The editor, Richard Thomas, has put together an amazing line-up: Brian Evenson, Lindsay Hunter, Stephen Graham Jones, Roxane Gay, Kyle Minor, Antonia Crane, Matt Bell, Benjamin Percy, and that's just scratching the surface. Very cool.

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Review at TimeOut Chicago.

Psyched to see the first review of Any Deadly Thing come up roses. Many thanks to Steve Newman and the rest of the crew at TimeOut Chicago.

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Dear Barbaric yAWPers,

Boston beckons, and so okay! I'll be reading from Any Deadly Thing on Wednesday at 6 p.m. with Steve Almond, Mary Miller et al. as part of Monster Mags of the Midwest III, and I'll be doing a signing at the Dzanc table (Q6) on Thursday from 2-4 p.m. Hope to see you at one, the other, or both. Please see the Appearances page for more information.

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Any Deadly Thing goes live!

And we're off! Huge thanks once again to my editor, Matt Bell, my designer, Steven Seighman, and my publishers, Dan Wickett and Steven Gillis. February 12th is unquestionably the best day in the entire year for releasing a book. Even leaving aside the whole Mardi Gras situation, what other day can say that it is Oglethorpe Day AND the anniversary of Julio Cortázar's death AND Paul Bunyan Day AND Abraham Lincoln's birthday AND Darwin Day AND the day Lady Jane Grey was beheaded for treason? No other day can say that, can they? Not a single one.

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Big-time thanks to the folks at Electric Literature for running the title story of my new collection as part of their Recommended Reading gig. Thanks too to Dan Wickett and the rest of my peeps at Dzanc Books for getting my work out in front of them, and for all those kind words in the intro.

Recommended Reading

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